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Verizon Internet & Wireless - Special Offers & Stores

manhattan wireless stores verizon stores manhattan nyc
  • Store Hours & Locations: Click on header above to go to Verizon Wireless website.
  • Call Us: 1800.922.0204

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Verizon Wireless & Internet Stores Manhattan NYC

to handle all of your communication needs

Please click any of these links to visit our website for more specific information or call us at 1.800.922.0204.


Verizon offers the best coverage for your smartphone and the widest selection of devices, keeping you connected to America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network:

  • My Verizon allows you to easily manage your account, view your data usage, add Family Safeguards and more directly from your smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Get free shipping on a wide selection of wearable tech, noise-canceling headphones, wireless speakers and the latest phone accessories.
  • Verizon Smart Rewards offers deals for being a loyal customer, such as shopping and travel discounts.
  • Verizon XLTE is the ultra-powerful network that doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide and boosts your ability to stream, share and do more of what you want.

See our special offer on services, which includes a $200 special offer when you join and buy a new Smartphone.


Verizon offers America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, keeping what’s important to you within reach when you’re on the go. There are plenty of reasons to get a tablet from Verizon:

  • Verizon XLTE doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide. That means more people can enjoy faster peak speeds, allowing you to stream, share and do more.
  • Outfit your tablet with a huge selection of accessories, including wireless speakers that add life to your movie-watching and chargers that help your tablet keep up with you. Enjoy free shipping on accessories from Verizon.
  • The MORE Everything PlanSM lets you add your tablet to your existing account (or create a new one). Choose a data plan that can be shared on up to 10 devices.


The Best Network and Coverage

America's Largest 4G LTE NETWORK

  • Among the four major wireless carriers, only Verizon's 4G network is 100% 4G LTE the gold standard of wireless technology.
  • Available in over 500 cities, Verizon 4G LTE covers 98% of Americans.
  • Experience the speed and power in more places.

Click the icon to your right for more information on our website.

Prepaid Devices

  • No annual contract

Get on the best network without the hassle of an annual contract.

  • No activation fee

Keep more of your money with FREE activation.

  • No credit checks

Get connected faster without the need for credit checks.

  • FREE overnight shipping on ALL devices

Get your devices fast with FREE overnight shipping.


Shop for cell phone accessories and more, from cases and chargers to headphones and wearable tech. Shipping is free!

Shop ONLY for accessories that work with YOUR phone or tablet in just two simple steps of selecting your device and selecting the connectivity for it.

Popular Categories 

  • Cases & Protection
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Audio
  • Car & Travel

Links to SPECIALS Shown on Slide Show Above

Verizon - Uptown Manhattan Stores NYC

Upper East Side, Upper West Side & Midtown Manhattan Stores

Verizon - Downtown Manhattan Stores NYC

Village, SoHo & Tribeca Manhattan Stores

Click this link for a map showing the Verizon store locations in Manhattan.

Verizon Store Hours & Contact Information


  • See map above - Or click this logo icon to visit the Verizon Wireless & Internet website.
  • Store Hours: Generally Monday - Saturday 9 am - 9 pm / Sunday 11 am - 7 pm - But click this logo / icon to go to the Verizon website for store hours by location.
  • Call Us: 1800.922.0204

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