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Off Broadway Theater - New Ohio Theatre West Village NYC | off broadway theatre nyc manhattan new ohio theatre west village manhattan nyc west village off broadway theater
Off Broadway Theater - New Ohio Theatre West Village NYC

Jackson Heights Revisited

Poignant, Passionate & Personal Window Into Modern American Immigrant Life

September 16, 2014 / West Village Neighborhood / Off Broadway Theater NYC / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

I arrived at the New Ohio Theatre in the west village of NYC. The theater is accessible at the ground level of a modern building at 154 Christopher Street near the Hudson River. The actors and production staff were ready to begin one of their last rehearsals before the opening of I Like To Be Here: Jackson Heights Revisited, or, This Is A Mango.

The lights dimmed, the theater darkened … and the show began.

There we were … in the middle of Jackson Heights … late at night.

There was a Latino girl of the streets talking to a cleaning woman of one of the local late night shops. The Latino girl was talking about escaping her current situation with one of the men who ‘loves’ her. She was young and somewhat innocent to the deceptions of the older men who came to see her. The cleaning woman and she talked about relationships and love. The cleaning woman was the target of the affections of an Indian man who seemed to take an interest in her. But they spoke different languages.

Click here to read the rest of our review of a new off Broadway show at the Ohio Theatre in the west village which is part of the theater: village festival.

India Day Parade & Photos | india day parade nyc manhattan india independence parade nyc parades in manhattan nyc
India Day Parade & Photos

India Day Parade Photos

Beautiful Parade Celebrating Indian History & Culture

August 2014 / Manhattan Parades / Midtown Manhattan NYC / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

I attended the 44th annual India Day Parade in Manhattan on Sunday. As you can see by the photo at right, it was a colorful event full of peace, love and cultural enchantment, which are a few of the hallmarks of Indian culture.

It was a large parade including about 40 floats, 20 marching groups and six bands. We photographed Mayor de Blasio appearing at the stand to make a few remarks. And a number of food vendors as well as a number of cultural attractions were stationed where the parade terminated, in Madison Square Park, to provide food and entertainment from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The Indian Day Parade was started in 1981 making this years parade its 34th year. The parade was started by the Federation of Indian Associations [FIA] which, according to Jay (Jaswant) B. Mody [one of the parade officials I met at the event], the FIA started in 1974 / 1975 under a different name. The parade celebrates Indian independence from Great Britain on August 15th of 1947. Pakistan, which was a part of India prior to independence, was granted its independence from Great Britain on August 14th, 1947.

Federation of Indian Associations also celebrates the 26th day of January which is the Republican Day of India [the day the Constitution of India passed into law]. The Federation of Indian Associations also raises funds to help families and to donate to catastrophic situations at home and abroad. As of 2006 more than 300,000 Indian Americans lived in the tristate area and the Indian immigrant population continues to grow. The Federation of India Americans main office is in Jackson Heights in Queens. And significant Indian communities may be found in Edison & Jersey City in NJ, in Stamford and New Haven in Connecticut, and Jackson Heights and Manhattan in NYC.

Click here to read a report about events leading up to India's Independence and view the photos of the India Day Parade NYC in Manhattan.

St Lukes Theatre - Theatre District NYC | st lukes theatre theater district nyc theater district nyc st likes theater they call me Q q
St Lukes Theatre - Theatre District NYC

They Call Me Q At St. Luke’s In The Theatre District NYC

Original Script Performed By The Playwright At Off Broadway Theatre

May 26, 2014 / Theatre District Neighborhood / Manhattan Things To Do / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

I had an opportunity to preview an original theatrical work entitled They Call Me Q. The play opens at St. Luke’s Theatre in Midtown on June 4th. The play is about an immigrant Indian woman’s personal journey in search of finding comfort in her own identity which encompasses both Indian and American cultures.

She was born in India and spent her youth there [until age 13], before coming to America with her parents at a tender adolescent age. She arrived on these shores as a complete stranger in a strange land. Her parents settled into the Bronx and she began attending American public school.

The show provides a unique opportunity to peer inside the life of a first generation 21st century immigrant American. Q delves the depths of her emotional struggle to find peace with herself as the embodiment of the cultural crossroads of ancient traditions, living in a modern, urban, American borough called the Bronx.

Click here to read our review of They Call Me Q at St. Lukes Theatre NYC.

Asia Society - Upper East Manhattan NYC | asia society nyc manhattan upper east side bora yoon photos asia society
Asia Society - Upper East Manhattan NYC

The Asia Society NYC - Bora Yoon Performance

Acoustic Marvel Bora Yoon Performs At Asia Society

April 23, 2014 / Upper East Side Neighborhood / Live Music NYC / Things To Do Manhattan / Midtown Buzz. I had an opportunity to attend the CD Release Party for Bora Yoon at the Asia Society on Manhattan's Upper East Side. I arrived a bit early to meet with April, her publicist, for a quick briefing. I also took a bit of time to look around the Asia Society which has an indoor courtyard, galleries and the theater. The Asia Society hosts art and cultural exhibits and cultural performances on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

I found a spot in the theater after chatting briefly with the Asia Society sound man and settled in before the performance began. The lights dimmed. The theater grew quiet. And Bora Yoon's voice came in clearly, etherially and angelically filling the theatrical space with a heavenly aria. I could barely see her coming from the back of the theater, as she moved slowly and deliberately from the top of the stairs of the sunken. Her movements were quiet and gentle, and her voice soothing.

The artistic performance of Bora Yoon’s Sunken Cathedral had begun.

Click here to read more about the artistic acoustical performance of Bora Yoon at the Asia Society on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And click here to read a story about the Queens Library lawsuit.

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