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Upper East Side Restaurants & Bars - Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub


Scroll Down For Transit & Directions Into & Around The Neighborhood

I. UES Subways - Upper East Side Go North / South Only

MTA - 4 / 5 / 6 along Lexington Ave

Subway stations / stops include 59th St / 68th St / 77th / 86th / 96th / 103rd and 110th St.

Be careful not to board an express unless you want to [express trains numbers are encircled in red / local in green].

II. Crosstown Buses - Upper East Side & Upper West Side

  • Cathedral Parkway runs into Tito Puente Way [UES] – equivalent of 110th Street, but there aren't any buses lines along this street.
    • There are crosstown buses on 106th and also 116th Streets.
  • The buses run from West 97th and crosses to East 97th and 96th streets.
  • The buses run from West 86th crosses to East 85th Street.
  • The buses run from West 81st Street crosses to East 79th Street.
  • The buses run from West 72nd Street crosses to East 72nd Street.
  • The buses run from West 66th Street crosses to East 65th Street.
  • There aren't any crosstown buses on 59th Street.
    • There’s an East / West crosstown on 57th St.

III. Cars on FDR - Heading North From Midtown Manhattan & Tunnel

  • x – East 48th St – Northbound entrance
  • 10 - East 49tth St – Southbound exit
  • 11 – East 53rd St – Southbound exit
  • 12 East 61st St – northbound LEFT EXIT
  • x – East 62nd St - Northbound entrance
  • 12 – East 63rd Southbound entrance

IV. Cars on FDR - Heading South From Bronx & RFK / Triborough Bridge

  • 18 – Willis Ave Bridge – northbound EXIT to I-87 Major Deegan Expressway to Bronx / Westchester / Connecticut – also entrance onto FDR
  • 17 – RFK / Triborough Bridge - LEFT EXIT [I – 278] east to Queens / Long Island – also entrance on FDR
  • 16 – East 116 th St - Both
  • 15 – East 106th St - Both
  • 14 – East 96th St- Both
  • 13 – East 71st St – Southbound exit
  • x – East 79th St – Southbound entrance

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